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One of the UK’s most successful ballet-inspired fitness workouts is back in the spotlight this month on FitnessOnDemand. The brainchild and smash-hit success of lifelong friends and former professional dancers Flik Swan and Victoria Marr, Sleek Technique is a calorie-burning, physique-shaping workout that takes the best parts of ballet but makes it accessible to all of us – even without dance experience.

A FOD partner for the past five years, Sleek Technique was the first ballet fitness company in Europe and ahead of the international wave that has become barre and similar workouts.

New this month for FOD club customers in club and streaming elsewhere are a series of curated 45-60 and 20-25 minute sessions plus Sleek Bites, 12-minute mini sessions that focus on technique and form. These can be stacked easily to create more personalized workouts.

We’ve included a full list of new classes below – but to mark the launch, we checked in with co-founder Flik Swan to get the low down on everything Sleek.


What do people need to know about Sleek Technique?

Firstly, our technique is entirely authentic. We built the classes, technique and form instruction around what we experienced for years as professional ballet dancers on the stage and in practice studios. It’s about developing balance and form and posture, but also about getting an incredible workout that tones while creating strong, lean, dancer-like muscles and no bulk. Secondly, you don’t need ANY experience at all. We took all of these techniques we practiced for years and have made it accessible so anyone can get involved. We have Sleekers in their 20s and Sleekers in their 60s and beyond, all staying energized and in amazing shape with our classes.


What do you think makes Sleek Technique so unique?

We designed our classes and programs based on years of classical training in the studio and sweat, performing on the stage. We’re not trying to invent a new workout craze or build on something that won’t be around in five years. Victoria and I have known each other since we

were 11 years old, training at a world class ballet school and going on to careers on the West End Stage and for Birmingham’s Royal Ballet.  We know what works, what doesn’t, and what ballet inspired fitness can do for your body and mind.


And What’s Next?

More classes that help busy women with their lives. How can we create more Sleek Bites that fit into people’s time starved lives – and create a boost, a lift and a benefit? We’re working on classes for pregnant mums to be and pre- and post-natal workouts. More to come!


Elective ChannelClass Name
Sleek TechniqueSleek Ballet Bootcamp - Beginners
Sleek TechniqueSleek Ballet Bootcamp - Intermediate
Sleek TechniqueSleek Ballet Bootcamp - Advanced
Sleek TechniqueSleek Barre Technique - Beginners
Sleek TechniqueSleek Barre Technique - Intermediate
Sleek TechniqueSleek Barre Technique - Advanced
Sleek TechniqueSleek 5 Minute Warm Up
Sleek TechniqueSleek Cool Down & Stretch

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